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From The Deep To The Peak all the way to the DocProg Mixsets, our artists are sure to have a sound you will crave for your nights out.

Slowly appearing from deep within the underground music scene, our Artists include of: DamzDoherty with his skills in spittin rhymes in the Hip-Hop/Rap Industry whilst still remaining experimental and dipping into the Electro House Scene. SeanieC with his deep Jackin Bass House melodies and dirty Hip-Hop Bass kits that are sure to send chills up your spine and your mind into a state of bliss. And DJ_P5yCH with his breakbeat Garage House rhythms and euphoric Disco-Tech melodies that are sure to get the place bouncin' for them late night sessions.



Jackin Bass House & DnB


Working With EDM Since 2012


DJ SeanieC

Jackin Bass House & Hip-Hop


Working With Hip-Hop/House Since 2015



Hip-Hop/Electro House


Working With Rap/Hip-Hop Since 2012

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Limerick, Ireland

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Music seems like one big maths equation, you divide a clip into 4 or 8 quadrants, then remove 1 or 2 quadrants, replace them or leave silent, add a few beats to mix up the melody then double or quadruple it all over with some variations and there's your track. Add some unexpectedness and watch the crowd stand in aww.